Get Involved

Each week during the 100 days, there will be a specific theme or focus for the week. You can participate individually or gather with others in your home, workplace, school, church, town or region.

You can also connect via the Facebook pages (in each nation in various languages) where it will be possible to connect with others, share how you have prayed, or invite others to a prayer event that you are hosting.


There are already prayer networks, groups, and initiatives, so this is not to replace any of that or start a new organization.  Feel free to take part or integrate these themes into things that you are already doing, or create something new.

Some ideas (and you can come up with your own)

  • organize a weekly prayer gathering in your church
  • pray together in your Sunday church service
  • gather people in your town or city to pray
  • initiate a live prayer meeting on social media
  • gather daily with your family to pray
  • have a video conference prayer gathering online
  • prayer walk in your neighborhood or city
  • go on a prayer drive around your nation
  • set an alarm on your phone and  take some time to pray daily
  • organize a 24 hour prayer and worship gathering
  • plan a prayer journey through the Baltics