Weekly Prayer Themes

WEEK #1              1-7 January

Declaration of the Lordship of Jesus- loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, strength and casting down every other idol.

WEEK #2              8-14 January

Thanksgiving- expressing  praise and gratefulness for what the Lord has done in our lives and in the Baltic nations.

WEEK #3              15-21 January

Restoration of identity- As individuals are created in God’s image, asking for the Lord to heal wounds in the Baltic nations and bring revelation of how He sees each nation. What is the purpose for which He designed each nation?

WEEK #4              22-28 January

Awakening in the Baltic nations. Praying for individuals to become aware of God, to be convicted of their sin, and for their hearts to turn in repentance and surrender. Praying for power-filled proclamation of the gospel and believers living as witnesses.

WEEK #5              29-4 February   

The Church- Praying for leaders and pastors in every expression of the Body of Christ. Asking for new churches to be planted and fresh vision and power to be released. Seeking for unity in the Body of Christ, healing of past broken relationships, and inspiration of new ways to work together for the Kingdom.

WEEK #6              5-11 February

Children and youth- desiring for the next generations in the Baltics to enter into their God given destiny.  Praying for protection from evil in every form and for wisdom for parents as they lay a strong foundation.  Seeking that many would know the Lord at a young age and be taught the ways of God.

WEEK #7              12-18 February

Government- Praying for those in authority and leaders.  Seeking that righteousness would be exalted in the Baltic nations  and for a spirit of wisdom and truth.  Praying for the security of borders and that just laws would be established.

WEEK #8              19-25 February

Education- Praying for teachers at every level of schooling and for the laws and policies that impact this sphere.

WEEK #9              26-4 March

Economics, business, science, technology, & agriculture- Praying for a release of creativity and new ideas in these realms and that there would be prosperity and blessing in the Baltic nations.

WEEK #10            5-11 March

Media & communications- Praying that truth and integrity will become the standard in film, music, radio, television, newspaper, and all forms of communication.

WEEK #11            12-18 March

Beauty, arts, sports, & entertainment- Praying that  the beauty, creativity, and excellence of God will be the foundation of these spheres and that life and wholeness  would be expressed.

WEEK #12            19-25 March

Health, environment, & recreation- Praying for stewardship and care for all of God’s creation, nature, resources, and our own physical bodies.

WEEK #13            26-1 April

Loving our neighbors and cities- Praying for the poor, needy, widows, orphans, strangers, addicted, enemies, other ethnic groups, and prisoners in the Baltic nations.

WEEK #14            2-8 April

Loving  and blessing the Baltic’s neighbor nations.  Praying and blessing the other Baltic nations, as well as Russia, Poland and Belarus.                       

WEEK #15            9-10 April           

Inviting and welcoming the Holy Spirit to work in the Baltic nations and declaring and dedicating them to Him as they enter the next 100 years.